Do You Want To Work Harder In The Gym? Make It Competitive

Do You Want To Work Harder In The Gym? Make It Competitive: His summer semester has ended and the places across the country have been the days of sports. On the other hand, in addition to encouraging the winner, there will undoubtedly be a series of consolation: “It does not matter who wins, who try hard, this is the most important”, “Who cares if he is in fourth place in the What? Defeat your best person? “” The only person you need to compete with is yourself. ”

But when it comes to physical fitness for adults, this situation becomes increasingly unreal.

The simultaneous growth of technology and social networks means that it is easier to record and share training than ever before, and it is even easier than ever to do individual competitions. Take for example applications like Strava, Nike + and Runkeeper. Not only do they track your career, cycling or swimming, but they also track the miles of friends and strangers.

The desire to enter this trend, gyms and fitness studios also incorporate competitive elements in their training. UN1T circuit has a class called Trooper in London, the length of time it spends at each station depends on a radio station to complete a certain number of how long it takes. At the same time, your class is competing with all previous classes to do as much as possible within the specified time.

About your marking: Working with others or opposing others can be a beneficial credit: GETTY IMAGES
This collective responsibility is a social psychologist called the Koehler effect – the idea is that nobody wants to be the weakest link, so if you and healthier than those who work with you, you will tend to your game. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychology found that when individuals mated with a more capable mate, their ability to hold a piece of wood increased by 24%.

It’s no wonder that a small healthy competition motivates us to work harder. A personal trainer shared with colleagues and friends told me that every time they challenge their coach, “they do most of the time in one minute sit-ups, or when they actually upped the ante.” My life has never been so fast. ”

Stages throughout the country are attacking each other. The new fitness app from the DW Fitness First Core app challenges users to complete as much exercise as possible in a week and shows who wins through the live leaderboard. The rotation of the courses, such as Marylebone One 10 and the Equinox gym in pursuit, will be screened in the driver performance statistics on the front of the class classification, while Meta-Row, London metabolic rowing group course , which is competitive.

Nothing can be like a healthy game to help you unlock your full potential in the gym.
Michelle Morrey, fitness manager for the Equinox Kensington group, said: “There’s nothing like healthy competition to help unleash your full potential in the gym.” “In order to compete effectively with others to maximize the role it can inspire, and it helps set goals.”

A company called My Zone cooperation with a number of national chain stores, including Bannatyne Fitness Health Club and SpeedFlex among them, users can track the heart rate, and can show the amount of effort that all words, this means that any program – from aerobics to dance exercise Zumba – Everyone can be competitive. Everything seems very positive, although there is no doubt that the competitive element can be useful, but if you only focus on your relationship with others, there will be problems.

Dr. Laura Healy, sports instructor at the University of Nottingham Trent, said: “For the worse, the approach may be short-term, but in the long run, it can cause people to lose momentum” “There are many studies that support this idea: In order to maintain long-term exercise, the exercise should be enjoyable, and focus on your own personal improvement. ”

Dr. Laura Healy said: “Worry is not the worst that could become a powerful force in the short term, but in the long term, this can lead people to lose momentum.” IMAGES Hered
She pointed out that if only once, the competition could motivate her to work harder, continue to the end, since the class scapegoat is more likely to make her withdraw from the institution.

“People do not like to do things they feel have not been successful,” he said. “If you are always at the top, or you are competing for the highest position, it does not matter, but if you work hard and still do not try to improve positioning, it will not make you feel good about yourself.”

Even those who often become “winners” should be vigilant.

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