Yoga For Beginners Part 03

Yoga For Beginners Part 03: Cats and cows are excellent yoga postures for beginners, now you can learn them in a comfortable home.

Angie Lijewski and Cadillac Evolve Yoga and gym together show the yoga postures for beginners for anyone interested in learning about this practice.

“Your breathing is the most important,” he said. “In every posture, you are always breathing, never holding your breath … Deep, long, smooth breathing … If your breathing becomes short and unsteady, that means you work too hard … Many When people feel stressed, their breathing is very short … Yoga helps give you a long-term soft breath and a relaxing breath.


Keep your hands on your shoulders below your knees and your hips below your knees.
Lift the spine and pull the hips in and down.
Hold your breath.

In your next inhalation, make the transition from cat to cow by lowering the abdomen and raising the head.
Pull your shoulders towards your ears.
Both poses flow together.

Breathe the cat slowly and slowly, slowly inhaling the cow for a long time.
Our yoga tour will continue with Lijewski in the coming weeks. You can see more poses below or visit the Evolve Yoga & Fitness Studio website.

Students learn to use the principles of alignment, accessories and gestures, as well as the basics of the philosophy of breathing, meditation and yoga, the posture to suit their specific needs.

This course combines Hatha, Vinyasa and therapeutic yoga exercises. Teaching basic concepts of calibration and supporting students to use the accessories and propose phases to adapt the positions to their specific needs. Each class is full of breathing exercises, body awareness, strength and balance, and basic yoga instruction that benefits all levels.

We are creating for those who need more exercise this space, but do not necessarily want to join the membership, “said Thurlow she made some comments to promote the transformation of the space above Moksha.You can look forward to a faster pace of yoga ( music and more), the Moksha Fit program – exercise for yoga practitioners – yoga Interview (high intensity interval training), as well as a greater commitment to ballet and Pilates products.

“I think this is part of the business, just like in nature, it’s a bit like evolution or death,” Thurlow said. “I do not want to just win the popularity contest, I want to be the best yoga studio.”

There are 46 yoga classes and 11 fitness classes, Moksha is still very committed to doing things for decades, but the update program to launch in September 4th week. The best news is that all courses throughout the month is $ 500, if you have a student ID, you can free trial week.